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EITA  dedicates its high school boarding school program to preparing every student-athlete for the rigors of a college atmosphere. We prepare each student for success at the next level by focusing on holistic growth. We achieve this through our cutting-edge teaching methodologies and unrivaled academic and extracurricular opportunity. At the  Academy, we build character. Our curriculum creates an environment that fosters collaboration, intellectual development and experiential learning.

    We believe critical thinking and independent learning skills are crucial preparation for collegiate-level academics. Our teaching methodologies continually evolve to meet the rigorous demands of modern education. Our classes offer creative and challenging coursework, low student-to-faculty ratios, and assignment schedules built on a philosophy of depth and substance over busy work.

    Every day, we’re helping student-athletes develop the critical thinking skills and core subject matter knowledge that puts them on track to succeed in a college classroom. Student-athletes learn in an independent, college-preparatory environment with flexible schedules, web-based courses, and dedicated tutoring sessions. Our diverse and expert faculty promote creativity, independent analysis, and discussion through a dynamic, project-based curriculum.

    Beyond that, our curriculum is designed to give every student the tools they need to become adults of high morals and strong character. Our social responsibility programs connect our student-athletes with the broader community while teaching the importance of giving back. Our classes, while teaching the core subjects, also provide leadership training, confidence building, focus techniques and self-empowerment—skills that translate in the classroom, in sport, and perhaps most importantly, in life.

 Wonderful Years of Life-changing Learning



Evolution International  Training Academy was established in 2013 as a private training Academy. Which thousands of bright, ambitious Athletes  have passed through our doors, leaving a bit of themselves behind when they head off to that first college, or national team. We are proud of the academy they helped build, but far more proud of the amazing people we have sent out to the world. we have develop amazing students athletes and amazing leaders.


Evolution International Training Academy  online school  powdered by FLVS is dedicated to personalized learning. Whether you live in Florida or beyond, you can access more than 150 courses with us, from Algebra to AP Art History and everything in between. Our courses are real—just like the certified teachers who teach them. Public, private, and homeschool students from Kindergarten through 12th grade use our courses to succeed on their own time and schedules.

Students learn by choosing a path that works best for them. Our teachers and coursework are just as real as the grades and tailored learning they provide, with regular online lessons and teacher calls providing time to check in and ask questions. Whether students follow a traditional school year schedule or a more flexible pace, guidance is always available.

We believe freedom and flexibility empower our students to succeed. Given the many choices we offer, we’re here to help students and parents explore our options and create a personalized educational plan that fits your unique needs.

Athlete Development Year Round, Sports & Education At Evolution International Training  Academy 

WRK Daily 501 C Non Profit 

About Us And Our Mission

WRK Daily is a 501c nonprofit which focuses on mentoring, apprenticeships, fitness and
finical planing for the youth. We understand that in order to make a difference and a positive
change we need to focus on solutions and to create positive environments for the next
generations to grow. With that in mind we also know the importance of making sure that
parents and people in need are in positive situations. So we offer services for the Adults,
Veterans and Elderly citizens.

Our youth programs and services at WRK Daily has an important role in serving the
youth throughout communities. Our Fitness & Mentoring programs we build awareness of
child hood obesity, & bullying. We develop confidence building by teaching a healthy and
active lifestyle leads to a more productive life. Through our youth programs we sponsor
leagues, awards, athletes development, health clinics, back to school programs, giving out
haircuts, backpacks , to community & school lunches, raising funds and donations for families
and people in need from natural disasters. First hand community involvement with
apprenticeship, mentoring programs, College recruiting and scholarships.

Our veterans and elderly programs and services helps transitioning into the next chapter
of their lives. Either from our job placement to help find
employment, or apprenticeship to gain a new trade. Our counseling programs to deal with
going from active duty to civilian life, dealing with PTSD and any other elements. we focus on
solutions and ways to improve the lives of our fellow men and women.

Our community healing projects focus on rebuilding communities through community
events and projects from rebuilding playgrounds, houses, trailer homes, cars, buildings, and
land restoration for community gardens and housing projects.

Our Finical planning and Business services programs focus on creating solutions to the
problems in every situation that we face. To ensure that the next generation is taking care of
and gets a heard start. With our programs we help start 41k, IRA accounts, stocks, bonds, life
insurance, trust funds, investments and family wills services. Business starts ups, grant
writing, llc formations, franchise set up to secure that they can create finical freedom.
Mentoring & digital social studies programs teach kids & adults how to deal with the new
era of social media, cyber bullying, cyber crimes, internet, radio, youtube and the networking
of phones, tablets, and robotics.

We know that the best way for us to change the situations is to, do it ourselves, through
serving other we help make the world a little better. The community, the people on the ground
in our cities and neighborhoods have the power to make our cities better. By believing in
yourself and following your dreams you set yourself up for a lifetime of happiness, We at WRK
Daily live by the motto “do better then yesterday”.