Middle School Courses 

Middle School 

Core Courses 

M/J Language Arts 1 - Grade 6  
M/J Language Arts 2 - Grade 7  
M/J Language Arts 3 - Grade 8  


M/J Grade 6 Mathematics  
M/J Grade 7 Mathematics  
M/J Grade 8 Pre-Algebra  


M/J Comprehensive Science 1 - Grade 6
M/J Comprehensive Science 2 - Grade 7
M/J Comprehensive Science 3 - Grade 8

Social Studies

M/J Civics - Grade 7  
M/J U.S. History - Grade 8  
M/J World History - Grade 6 

High School 

Career and Technical Education Courses 

Through these courses, students learn skills to equip them for a successful future and are able to obtain industry credentials to prepare for various college and career paths. Please note: the honors courses in this section are only offered on the honors level.  

Applied Object-Oriented Java Programming: Certification Preparation  [Honors Available]   
Business Software Applications 1: Certification Preparation  
CSIT Network System Configuration: Certification Preparation  [Honors Available]   
CSIT System Essentials: Certification Preparation  [Honors Available]   [Certification Available]   
Data Control and Functions: Certification Preparation  [Certification Available]   

Database Fundamentals: Certification Preparation  
Digital Information Technology  
Digital Media/Multimedia Foundations 1: Certification Preparation  [Certification Available]   
Digital Media/Multimedia Foundations 2: Certification Preparation  [Certification Available]   
Digital Media/Multimedia Foundations 3: Certification Preparation  [Certification Available]   

Foundations of Programming  [Honors Available]   
Foundations of Web Design  [Honors Available]
Networking 1: Certification Preparation  [Certification Available]   
User Interface Design  [Honors Available]

Middle School


M/J Business Keyboarding
M/J Career Research and Decision Making
M/J Comprehensive PE - Grade 7

M/J Comprehensive PE - Grade 8
M/J Creative Photography 1  
M/J Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Learning Strategies

M/J Fitness - Grade 6
M/J Guitar 1  
M/J Peer Counseling 1

High School 

Core Courses  


English 1  
English 2  
English 3  
English 4  [Honors Available]   
English 4: Florida College Prep  


Algebra 1  [Honors Available]   
Algebra 2  [Honors Available]   
Calculus  [Honors Available]
Geometry  [Honors Available]   
Liberal Arts Mathematics 1
Liberal Arts Mathematics 2  
Math for College Readiness  
Pre-Calculus  [Honors Available]

Health/Physical Education

Fitness Lifestyle Design
Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)  
Outdoor Education  [Preview Available]
Personal Fitness  


Anatomy and Physiology  [Honors Available]  

Biology 1  [Honors Available]
Chemistry 1  [Honors Available]
Earth-Space Science  [Honors Available]
Marine Science 1  [Honors Available]   
Physical Science  [Honors Available]
Physics 1  [Honors Available]

Social Studies

Economics with Financial Literacy  [Honors Available]
United States Government  [Honors Available]   
United States History  [Honors Available]   
World History  [Honors Available]  

World Languages

Chinese 1
Chinese 2
Chinese 3  [Honors Available]
French 1
French 2
Latin 1
Latin 2
Latin 3  [Honors Available]
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3  [Honors Available]
Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1

High School Courses 

High School


Art History and Criticism 1  [Honors Available]   
Career Research and Decision Making  
Creative Photography 1
Criminal Justice Operations 1
Critical Thinking and Study Skills  
Driver Education/Traffic Safety  
Forensic Science 1
Guitar 1

Intensive Reading  
Journalism 1  
Law Studies  
Leadership Skills Development  
Life Management Skills
Music of the World
Parenting Skills
Peer Counseling 1 
Peer Counseling 2  
Personal and Family Finance
Psychology 1
Reading for College Success
Social Media 1  
Theatre, Cinema, & Film Production 

Student Success Stories Powered by FLVS. 

Students are amazing in their own way and over the years we’ve had the honor to teach many budding stars. Meet a few of our students and alumni who simply shine because of the flexibility and first-class education FLVS gives EITA athletes the best schedule to meet athletes need to train and focus on their craft. 

Daniella Fernandes accelerated her learning by taking online courses, becoming the youngest student in Flagler County to take dual enrollment college classes at the age of 12. Learn more.

Maitlyn Pezzo is an actress and assistant director who is known for guest star roles on TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles, Nickelodeon’s show, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn, and as Lucy in a recent film titled, “Becoming Lucy.” She has also starred in national commercials speaking out against online bullying. 

Makaila Nichols is an actress, model, and published author addressing bullying. She credits FLVS for one of the reasons she has been able to accomplish so much. Learn more.

Elli Kopmar and her figure skating partner train five times a week for 7-8 hours a day. Thanks to their dedication, they advanced to the 2016 National Championships.

Terrance Thomas was selected to participate in the prestigious Naval Summer STEM program at Annapolis because FLVS honors courses have helped him advance his academic background as well as have time to become an epee fencer.

Bridget Forster was named a Wendy’s® High School Heisman® Award School Winner for her achievements in the classroom, on the tennis court, and in the community. Learn more.

Jake Marcionette writes about his personal experiences of being bullied in public school and is now a New York Times best-selling author of the Just Jake book series.

Louisa Gammill has traveled the world with her family, learning about different cultures and places, all while keeping up with her studies.

Pavlina Osta started her own radio show Pavlina’s Kidz Place at age 11, and as a teenager, has set a Guinness World Record for conducting the most radio interviews in 24 hours. Learn more.

Cody Sullivan is an actor and travels back and forth between Florida and California. “FLVS gives me so much flexibility and the teachers are amazing,” he said. Learn more.

Logan Gatza enjoys fencing, swimming, running, shooting, and horseback riding. In 2015, he won a gold medal at the Youth Pan American fencing championship in

Peru. The young USA Modern Pentathlon award winner said FLVS helps him with his training schedule. Learn more.

Sariah Robertson started her own organization called My Girl Code which focuses on inspiring girls to become more interested in advanced technology systems such as coding. She said FLVS has provided so much opportunity to her, between experiencing great teachers, joining clubs, and meeting new people. Learn more.

Aubrey Quintanilla has taken all her classes with FLVS since 2012 to allow her to train for national diving competitions. Learn more.

Samantha Morris received recognition in the International Writing and Photography Contest sponsored by Quill and Scroll and ASNE Youth Journalism Initiative and is now studying computer science at UCF. Learn more.

High School 

AP Courses 

(AP courses are college level and approved by the College Board.)

Adv Pl Art History  
Adv Pl Biology  
Adv Pl Calculus AB
Adv Pl Calculus BC
Adv Pl Computer Science A

Adv Pl English Language and Composition
Adv Pl English Literature and Composition
Adv Pl Environmental Science
Adv Pl Human Geography
Adv Pl Macroeconomics

Adv Pl Microeconomics
Adv Pl Psychology
Adv Pl Statistics
Adv Pl United States Government and Politics
AP United States History  


Contact: Coach James Hampton +1.3212459822